Travelling with kids

Traveling with kids

Traveling is one of the best therapy to get rid of from your stressful routine / life. who doesn’t love to travel or explore the world. But when it comes to parents we as a parents had a lot of fears to travel with kids.

Travelling with kids make the choices limited but we can enjoy in that limited options just to relax our-self. Me and my husband tries to plans weekend short trip just to pamper and relax our self with two kids 5 and 2.5 year old. As a new parent i was always a stressful thing to keep kids busy without gadgets in car or during travelling. than i found a way to keep my kids busy in that time.What i do before going out from house either for market, trip or for any work? i make a small bag for my kids.

Whats inside the bag

  • Coloring books with color box
  • Simple small notebook with pencil
  • small toys.
  • sticker packs of different kind (alphabets, smiley, animals, counting etc)
  • small white board with marker
  • balloon pack of different kinds

These are the things that are totally new only used for travelling or outing. I purchased these kind of things from china store type store where you find a lot of variety in cheap prices. New things attract them as we open them in car so it keep them busy. I always carry this bag with me to avoid using gadgets for kids in car. whenever you are buying things for your kids keep in mind their favorite cartoon characters it will excite them about the thing when you give them.

Travelling is not always to do so much that you have to pack bags and prepare, you can enjoy just to give an off from your daily routine. Me and my husband do the same for us, Going out, getting breakfast/lunch, than take kids to park (always keep football and bat-bowl in car) or whatever activity available for kids in that area.


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