Hajj Activity Book for kids



Hajj Activity Book is a 10 days activity book for children. This book will provide stories related to Hajj and Sacrifice along with attractive fun activities sheets for kids. so that kids will enjoy doing this Journal. Lets make these 10 days productive with kids to learn about Hajj and Sacrifice.

10 days activities includes
1- Story of Kaabah (Craft the Kaabah Activity)
2- comprehension about KABAAH (Question Answer Activity)
3- Learn Takbir (Color the Takbir Activity)
4- Game (Find way to Kaabah Game)
5- Learn Tahleel (Color the Tahleel Activity)
6- Puzzle Game (Crossword Puzzle Game)
7- Learn Talbiyah (Color the Talbiyah Acitvity)
8- Story of Sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) (Draw your Qurbani animal)
9- Color the animal used for Sacrifice.
10- Make an Eid-ul-Azha Card


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