How to develop a reading habit in your child.

Book Reading

    “Reading is a passport to a countless adventure” – Mary Pope Osborne

One of the best gifts you can give to your child is a book to read. Reading is a dream with open eyes. The more they read, the more they increase their knowledge. Books are their best companions. But the main question arises how can we develop this habit in the current era of technology and gadgets? 

By developing this habit, your child’s knowledge and vocabulary will increase. It will also improve their memory, focus and writing abilities and finally they will have less screen time which as a parent we all try to overcome in our children. 
Now I am going to share my experience of how I developed this habit in my child. 

  • First as a parent you have to develop a reading habit so that your kids see you reading books. Because children learn quickly what they see, not what we say to them.
  • Set a reading time with your child even if your child is 1 year old. Also make a routine of bedtime story reading.
  • Tell them about the importance of books. And also about the latest books so that their curiosity about books starts developing.
  • Introduce them to the book world by taking them to book shops, exhibitions and libraries. Also help them to buy books of their choices.
  • As a reader you are attracted to pictures because they explain things more easily. So prefer those books that explain stories in beautiful graphics.
  • Choose books according to their age like my child is 5 year old. I choose short stories books that have one or two lines per page so that they can read it easily.
  • After finishing a book do a question answer session like what they learn, what character they like etc. 
  • After reading, tell them how they can implement lessons(if any) in their daily life. Also point the references from books in their daily life so that their memory and focus improves.
  • Nowadays for little kids sound books are also available try them also.
  • Read a book with different expressions and sounds to make it more attractive.
  • While reading a book gives them a chance to describe the scene that they imagined in their mind. And also encourages them so that their confidence level boosts.

Believe me, now we both enjoy the book reading activity. I loved the feeling when my child takes full interest in books. Also my child loves to go to the book world and buy books of their choice. Seeing them take less interest in gadgets makes me so happy and relieved. 

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift” – kate di camellio

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