Have a Blessed Ramzan 2020

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The Holy Month of Ramzan is going to start tomorrow. Every year this month come and goes but what remains is the question that is “
Either we do the things for whom this Holy Month will be given to us?
Does we boost our iman in this month ??
Does we gathered all the blessing of this Holy Month or not ???
Does we feel the barakah of this month ???.

Ramzan is not only about fasting its about Patience. Let your body bear some hunger and thirst, Feel as same as some people feel daily without delicious meals that we get. Please don’t keep yourself busy in iftar gatherings, watching tv or using social media.. Also those who sleeps all day and wake up just before iftar, this is not the purpose.

Due to Quarantine we have full time to please ALLAH. Lets make this ramzan a blessed and safe for everyone to at home. Enjoy this month in religious activities. May ALLAH blessed us all with happiness and grace our homes with warmth and peace.

Stay home stay safe

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