Happy Children’s Day to all the kids

children Day

Every child is a blessing from ALLAH. Every child is different from other child. Let them enjoy their childhood in their own way. Don’t force them to loose their identity by comparing them with other kids. Try to polish their own uniqueness, that will give them confidence in their life.

Lots of parents burden their child by comparing them. Give them space to be their own-self’s. Let them bloom their journey the way they are. ALLAH blessed everyone with different skills, so observe them and encourage them. Follow their interest because the things they will do with interest, that will show good result along with happiness. Child happiness is the most important thing in anything he wants to do.

On this children day Kidznmama wants to share this message try to understand your child. Everything he do have a reason. Childhood is a journey that will lead their future and personality, so make this journey a good one for them.

Love your child and spend time with them is the most beautiful gift you can give them.

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