Guidelines about Screen Time for babies & Toddler

Screen time

we are living in the era of digitization. we have smartphones in our hands all the time. Today kids interact with tablets, smartphones, and computers from their early age. It can be difficult to keep babies and toddlers away from any televisions, tablets, computers, smartphones, and gaming systems they see. The first 2 years of the baby’s life are important for brain development. It is recommended for babies to explore their environment and experience nature. According to WHO guidelines children under the age of 1 should have “No ScreenTime“. Kids age between 2 to 5 years need only “1 hour” of screen time.

No Screen Time for Babies:

Babies don’t need screen time because of their healthier brain development. The beginning year of a child is too important in every aspect. No screen time provides the opportunity to learn and explore the environment. The only exception that kids use it is for video calling with their Grandparents or any other family relation considered as Quality Time Interacting with others.

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Screen Limit for 2 to 5 year Kid: 

Kids age between 2 to 5 years can use a screen for not more than 1 hour a day. you are only allowed to give them 1 hour of screen time daily or no screen time it depends on your parenting. For this

  • you have to set limits 
  • communicate with your child to make them understand this. 
  • You have to play more with them
  • Give more educational things to keep them busy for hours
  • Increase your reading time with them 
  • Perform interactive activities with them
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you can also make that one hour of screen time with them more productive by 

  • watching educational documentaries
  • Educational Cartoons 
  • Educational Games 
  • Puzzles 

Allow to watch them the programs that demand interactions. Sit with them and interact with them about the thing they are watching. If you want no screen or limit screen time with your kids that don’t allow you to sit them alone gave them plenty of quality time with you.

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