Family Fish Fun Activity with Play-dough

Family Fish Activity

Kids love to play with play-dough. Sometime we gave them but they don’t know how to play. We can show them that how can they play and learn with play-dough. Play-dough is a good material used to taught kids alphabets, numbers, shapes etc. Lets do a Fish making activity with play-dough. Its good if you also play with them and show some family bonding.

Things require to do this activity :

  • Play-dough of good quality (because kids are using it)
  • Fish shape cutter (It will be easy for kids to make or you can make it by your own)

Steps to Follow :

  • Take each one 1 color of dough
  • Make a round shape with dough
  • Use fish shape cutter to cut in fish shape
  • Exchange small amount of dough each of you to make a design on your fish (shown in pick)
  • We make mama fish , Dady fish , brother fish and sister fish (fish family)

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