Egg Painting Activity for Kids

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Egg painting is simple yet most easy activity. It target all age group but I had performed it with my 4.9 year old son. We painted the egg in the most simplest and easy way but the older kids can design with their own imaginations too. I performed this activity on artificial egg (plastic egg) you can use the egg shell too for this.

Things required for this activity

things required
  • Painting color (we used simple paint color )
  • Egg shell/ Egg to paint (I got a plastic egg from market that cost 20 rupee)
  • white paper or newspaper

Steps to perform activity

  • First take all the required item.
  • choose a color of your choice my son choose black color.
  • Color the both side of egg with black color
  • Let them dry
  • Take white color and make dots.
  • Let it dry and its done :).

Try it with your kids. Share your picture with us at KidznMama & we will share it on our website.

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