Dad !! Thank you for Everything

Fathers Day

Father is not a word, its a world that holds your everything inside him. Father is one who just wanted to give you everything that he wished in his life. He work hard only for his kids to fulfill their dreams and to make them successful in life. He had only one dream to see his kid successful, for that dream he worked so hard that sometime we kids don’t know.

Father is a shelter and we didn’t realize that how much this shelter provided safety, care and love to us until we lost him. If you have your father, you are so blessed because some people don’t have. Make them feel so special and respected everyday not only father’s day. Try to fulfill their dreams. show them with your behavior that you know how much hard work he is doing for you. Show him how much you love him because we show our love to mothers but not father as comparison.

I lost my father 4 years ago, and I know the pain and the emptiness after loosing him. No one can fill that place. No one can love you like a father. I missed him. I am a girl but he always supported me for everything. For girls fathers are like bodyguard he will protect you from everything and love you so purely.

I am blessed that my kids also have a loving and understanding father who tried to understand thing in parenting and help me to raise them as a good human being. Being a father is such a big responsibility. As a mother its also our responsibility to teach our kids to value their fathers.

This father’s day i wanted to thank you to my father and the father of my kids for everything they did for us.

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