5 Tips to Indulge Healthy Eating Habit in Kids.

Healthy Eating

Parenting doesn’t come easy. it is the toughest job, where you have to get along with mood of your kids. There are some days when everything with your kids goes smooth while some days are full of tantrum. One of the most struggling task as a parent is to indulge the healthy eating habit in kids. Especially in today’s digital era where kids see so much junk on media. but you know the starting time of the eating journey of your kids is most important time where you start to incoperate healthy eating habits. It is even more important to instill healthy eating and living habits at the beginning.

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Show yourself as an example:

Parenting is more about what you shows them rather than what you have said. Kids adopts from us, so it is necessary that we show them healthy eating habits rather than eating junk food in front of them. Try to eat along them so that they can see you are also eating the same healthy thing.

Make a fix Schedule:

Try to make a eating schedule that include 3 main course and 2 snack time. Breakfast should be healthy and fulfilling because its a start of the day. Then set a healthy snack option between lunch and breakfast, it could be fruit or nuts time or some other healthy munching. Fix the time for the eating and follow the pattern, it will set kids on the healthy eating routine. There are some days when kids have phases and they don’t follow the eating routine, but you make sure that you have tried to give them one bite at the specific eating time, so that the routine remain uninterrupted.

Don’t give them options

One of the main problem in the eating routine is when kids don’t want to eat and parents gave them options just because at least they are eating at least. It’s not a viable solution. Kids always notice that if they don’t eat this they will get other options. So if they don’t want to eat or eat less it is ok, they will eat when they are hungry.

Story telling/ play any game works

Make sure when your kids are in the phase to adopt the eating routine, make that time fully attentive for them. Try to tell some interesting story while feeding them food or play some bite game like bite comes like a car zoooo etc. These things attract kids. Don’t give cartoons and mobile while they are eating just because at least they are eating.

Food conversation with kids:

It is important for kids to know about the food. What particular fruit, vegetable and other food does with our body. How healthy food is beneficial for our body. Talk with them while eating the food, that how this food helps them to make muscles, blood, sharp mind and eyes. I read a hospital magazine with my kids, so they know the healthy things and they tried to incorporate those thing in their eating routine.

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