5 Tips to handle Kids Tantrums


A tantrum is an expression that kids show when they are not happy, stressed, disturbed, tired, or seeking the attention of parents. Tantrum is a “Normal Thing”. Why I quote it as normal because many parents don’t know that it is normal if kids throw tantrums. Tantrum is a part of child development. Tantrums are normal for kids between the age of 1 to 3 /4 years. kids can have a tantrum when they can’t get what they want. kids get this skill to deal with frustration over time.

I am sharing 5 tips with all of you to handle or help your child in meltdown.

Tantrum is Normal

As a parent first you have to consider the term tantrum or meltdown as a normal thing then you can easily manage your child in this condition. Because when you understand that it is part of your child’s development then you will not get panic.

Show Empathetic Behavior

when your child is showing tantrums behave calmly. Leave everything and goes to your kid to hug him/her. Show affection and love to your child. you will notice that your kid is getting calm. A punitive approach can worsen the situation.

Distract child Attention

One of the best things you can do is to distract your child’s attention. Keep the child away from the scene to distract the child. Try to talk about something else to divert the attention of the child.

Look what Trigger the child

Tantrum happened due to different reasons, try to search out the reason that triggered your child. Try to solve that reason so that next time that thing doesn’t trigger your child.

Don’t think badly about your child

Do not think that your child is a bad child or rude. Children don’t have tantrums deliberately. Kids don’t have much vocabulary. When they can’t explain they show expression. Always reward your child on good things and communicate on bad behavior.

All kids have a meltdown, try not to pass judgment on yourself as a parent dependent on the number of meltdowns your child shows. It all depends on how you react to the tantrums. In parenting, we are also in a learning phase so try to work on a thing rather than assuming yourself as a bad parent.

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